Opening the 2020 spring season at the Dunn Center’s Mims Gallery at North Carolina Wesleyan College in Rocky Mount is a solo exhibition with new works by Jan Sullivan-Volz through Feb. 16. Her exhibition opens with a 5-7 p.m. reception party free to the public on Thursday, Jan. 23, with live music and refreshments. 

The exhibit is open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and during evening performances.

It is with decades of familiarity with Sullivan-Volz’s artistic career as a painter, sculptor and furniture designer that she is reintroduced to an Eastern North Carolina audience.

“Nothing in the universe is static, it is every changing,” she said.

In her ongoing evolution she has found a working synthesis bringing together her sculptural instincts with its associated structural realities into her recent work in painting and collage. Inspired by the light of nature visually and emotionally, she is making artistically concrete statements about her response to her experiences and has named her exhibition “LIGHT.” 

“Light changes in a minute from a swaying tree or a passing cloud. When I observe a scene, I also take an emotional survey: how am I responding? What affects me? What do I feel? These new responses allow for exciting new choices and creative surprises to unfold in my paintings and my collages,” the artist said. “I am allowing my physical and emotional responses to guide me in these new directions. I trust my ability to recognize the beauty and excitement that develops and follow the course.” 

Sullivan-Volz received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Fine Arts. She taught art in the public and private sectors for three decades. With many exhibitions to her credit, three memorable solo exhibits were in 2010 at the Maria V. Howard Art Center in Rocky Mount, the Four Sisters Gallery at N.C. Wesleyan College and most recently at the Nash County Art Center in Nashville. 

An award-winning artist with first place at the 2010 N.C. Fine Arts Juried Exhibition in Raleigh and Best of Show at the 54th Annual National at the Maria V. Howard Art Center in Rocky Mount, her murals, paintings and assemblages are on display in corporate and private collections nationally. Sullivan-Volz has studio space at The Bel Air Art Center in Rocky Mount.


N.C. Wesleyan College is at 3400 N. Wesleyan Blvd., Rocky Mount.