South Hill author Arlene Bice and Sir Oakley will greet visitors to a signing for Bice’s latest book, “Ghosts Along the Border from the Afterlife,” from 2-4 p.m. on Sunday.

Stories of messages from the afterlife and signs sent back to loved ones are among those featured from Warrenton and Southside Virginia in “Ghosts Along the Border from the Afterlife,” by South Hill, Va., author Arlene S. Bice. 

Meet Bice during a book signing at Oakley Hall Antiques from 2-4 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 13. Oakley Hall is at 119 N. Main St., Warrenton. Refreshments will be served.

Synchronicity, one of Bice’s favorite words, played a part in the coming together of her latest book, a follow-up to her popular “Ghostly Spirits of Warren County, NC.”

“I had wanted to get away from the ghost idea, but I had people coming and telling me their stories,” Bice said.

The final push was when friends Don Arnold and Ernie Fleming, owners of Oakley Hall, told her their story about the ghostly image—which made the cover of “Ghosts Along the Border”—they captured in a mirror at their historic home in the Ridgeway community.

Bice began gathering stories for her book, and was overwhelmed by the number of people who wanted to share their experiences. Instead of having to dig for stories, people usually approached her, she said.

“It’s synchronicity. I would go to a party where I knew only the host, and the person that sat next to me starts saying, ‘You know, I had this strange experience,’ having no clue who I was or what I did,” Bice said. “I get goose bumps just saying it.”

Strangers even approached her while waiting in line, and she would ask if she could use their stories in her book.

“Ghosts Along the Border” includes more than 50 stories divided into chapter headings such as messages from the afterlife; spirits, ghosts and psychic energy; someone to watch over me; and visits in the night.

Entries include  “Three Cardinals,” a story from Craig Hahn of Warrenton; “A Cardinal is a Special Comfort,” written by Lake Gaston resident Linda Browne; and tales from some of Warren County’s historic homes and South Hill’s Colonial Center.

Bice includes in the book some of her own experiences, which the New Jersey native has had since childhood, as well as stories of messages from the afterlife, precognition, synchronicity, unexpected gifts, and messengers in the form of birds and butterflies.

She hopes that readers will use the book as a jumping off place to learn more, to understand and open their minds and hearts, and to have no fear.

“”They’re (spirits) all around us, and life is a wonderful thing. Death is even better,” she said. “The average person doesn’t know that.”

Bice has a couple of memoirs in the works, but she also wants to write soon about life after life and past life regressions.

In the meantime, she wants “Ghosts Along the Border” to provide comfort and hope to readers, and learning through its stories.

“I hope anybody with a story will stop in at the book signing,” Bice said.

In addition to Oakley Hall, books are available for purchase from Clyde’s Backyard Birds in Bracey, Va., and through online retailers.