Warren Artists’ Market members, from the left, Sterling Cheston, Arline Bice and Thomas Park display the group’s latest anthology, “Friendship.” Not pictured: WAM member Anita Williams.

The Warren Artists’ Market will celebrate the release of its latest anthology, “Friendship,” during its annual year end celebration on Friday, Dec. 6, from 7-9 p.m. at Drip Coffee and Market, 108 S. Main St., Warrenton.

The event is free of charge to the public and will feature a limited open mic at guest poets will read their poems from the new release. A reception and book signing will follow.

In her introduction to “Friendship,” WAM member Arlene Bice reflects on the nature of friendships: “While friendships get reduced billing to family, romance and marriage, they often outlast all of them. Families become estranged the same way lovers, husbands and wives do. Friendships may fade; some only go for a period of time, before they blossom again and go on until the end of one’s life.”

“Friendships” is the seventh book published by WAM. Other publications include the following: “Sitting with a Drunken Sorceress” (2014), “This I Know” (2015), “Memories: Life Preserved” (2016), “Inspirations” (2017), “Home” (2018) and “Looking for Cuda’ Brown” (2017).

The work of WAM members Bice, Thomas Park, Sterling Cheston and Anita Williams is supported by community poets and writers, known by the group as “house poets.”

As the New Year approaches, WAM plans to continue its efforts to build communities through its audience of poets, writers and humanitarians. The group will work to cultivate deeper relationships between individuals and community, strengthening ties between the arts and the broader community.

WAM will work to continue to provide opportunities for literary advancement in the local area, not only to increase literacy and encourage performing artists, but also with the goal of creating a local publishing center.

In 2020, WAM hoped to present films, poetry shows, a youth series, short play series and a mid-summer night gala.

For more information about the book release and other WAM activities, visit the Warren Artists’ Market’s Facebook page.