Warren County Animal Ark and Warrenton Animal Clinic have extended the “Fix Your Pit” program to offer spay/neuter services for pit bulls and pit bull mixes free of charge to Warren County residents through May.

The program, which began last year, was made possible through a grant from Community Partnership for Pets in conjunction with Warrenton Animal Clinic. Established in 2015 in Henderson County, Community Partnership for Pets, Inc. partners with animal shelters and other resources to reduce the number of animals entering the state’s shelters.

“The program was extended through May because it has been pretty successful with people getting their pit bulls spayed or neutered,” Warren County Animal Control Director Dani Bowen said Monday.

She previously indicated that the Fix Your Pit program was developed because pit bulls are among the dog breeds most likely to end up in shelters. She said that people with pit bull or pit bull mix puppies can find it difficult to find homes for them due to their reputation for being aggressive, meaning a greater likelihood that the puppies will be surrendered to animal shelters.

On Monday, Bowen said that some people cannot take pit bulls or pit bull mixes into their homes due to dog breed restrictions related to insurance policies.

She added that people may wait to surrender their pit bulls or pit bull mixes to the Animal Ark until their dogs are 1 or 2 years old. Bowen said it is much harder to find homes for these dogs as adults than rather than as puppies if they have not been properly trained.

Dr. Amy O’Malley of Warrenton Animal Clinic previously said that pit bulls gained their bad reputation largely due to fear, but they can make wonderful, loving pets if they are raised responsibly.

Warren County Animal Ark and Warrenton Animal Clinic offer the Fix Your Pit program to allow Warren County pet owners to  have their pit bulls or pit bull mixes spayed or neutered to help both pet and pet owner.

To participate, call Warrenton Animal Clinic at 252-257-0737 to schedule an appointment. Surgery patients will be assigned a morning drop-off time and will be ready to return home during the afternoon of the same day. After surgery, patients need a clean and dry area to recover at home for approximately seven days. Surgery services include rabies and distemper/parvo vaccinations.

For more information, contact the Warren County Animal Ark at 252-257-6137.