The Warrenton police chief made Warrenton commissioners aware Monday night that he and his officers would soon be issuing citations for motorists who violate the law with regard to amplified sound, “obnoxious” exhaust systems, racing engines, jackrabbit starts and other issues.

Police Chief Goble Lane said that his department has received complaints about vehicles driving with “very loud exhaust systems” creating excessive or unusual noise around the town of Warrenton.

According to information provided by Lane and posted in his Chief’s Chat column on the department’s Facebook page on Jan. 31, when a vehicle with a modified exhaust system accelerates, it creates an excessive or unusual noise, which is against state law.

During Monday night’s meeting of the Warrenton Town Board, Lane said there have been recent issues with excessive noise from vehicle exhausts and radios. He said that in the next week to 10 days there would be enforcement on violators, in particular with regard to motorists accelerating to create what he described as “obnoxious” noise.

He said he was making town board members aware of the issues in case they get phone calls and complaints from citizens.

“It’s getting worse, and they’re getting more brazen,” Lane said of motorists who have already been warned.

Information about specific laws regarding mufflers, red and blue lights, prohibited noises, amplified sound and other issues are available on the Warrenton Police Department’s Facebook page and by contacting the department at 252-257-3123.