During Warren County Superior Court on Sept. 21, Donte Robinson, 22, of Cooks Chapel Road, Warrenton, pled guilty to multiple breaking and entering charges related to thefts taking place in August and September of 2016.

According to court documents filed in the case, Robinson was accused of breaking into homes in the Warrenton and Norlina areas. Items reported stolen include two PlayStation 4s and four games, a Nintendo Wii, 60-inch television, 46-inch and 42-inch televisions and Xbox 360 valued at $3,650 and belonging to an Alicia Hargrove; ham lunch meat, soda and earrings valued at $200, and two 32-inch flat screen televisions valued at $300 and belonging to a Henrietta Isreal; an iPhone 8, two speakers, an amplifier, a Michael Kors purse containing debit and Social Security cards all valued at $1,300 and belonging to a Cornelius Davis, Jr. and Tanichya Maldonado; a stereo system of unknown value belonging to a Stasy Bartolo; a cash app bank card of unknown value belonging to a Dominique Ashley; a wallet, Social Security card, bank card, birth certificate, identification cards, and $40 in cash belonging to a Shakeera Hendricks; and a shotgun of unknown value belonging to an Orlando Puryear. 

For pleading guilty to three counts of felony breaking and entering, four counts of felony break or enter a motor vehicle, and felony larceny of a firearm, Robinson was sentenced to eight-10 months in the Department of Adult Correction.

After pleading guilty to felony possession of a firearm by a felon, Robinson was sentenced to 14-26 months in the DAC at the expiration of the previous sentence. The sentence was suspended, and Robinson was ordered to serve 30 months of supervised probation. In addition he was ordered to pay court costs, $540 attorney fees, $1,500 restitution, and undergo a substance abuse assessment. If there is a positive drug test, an order for arrest will be issued with a $5,000 bond. The vehicle seized was ordered returned to Robinson’s mother.

The following charges were voluntarily dismissed: four counts of misdemeanor larceny, three counts each of felony larceny after break/enter and felony conspiracy to break/enter a building to commit felony larceny, two counts of felony possession of a stolen firearm and single counts of felony larceny and felony break or enter a motor vehicle.


Other case

In a separate case, Judge Cy Grant found that Jameka Quanshea Henderson substantially completed terms of deferred prosecution, voluntarily dismissing a charge of felony possession of a Schedule I controlled substance.