Robert David Lehman, 71, of Warren Plains, on Friday, May 15, suddenly passed into the ethereal realm about which he spoke daily with unflappable faith and for which he had prepared his mind and spirit in thought, word and deed throughout his life.

Bob was a deeply serious and spiritual person whose keen and far-reaching intellect included a comprehensive knowledge of history, philosophy, religion and science. He was deeply steeped in Christian theology, and the writings and work of Rudolph Steiner, and recently wrote that “spiritual science implies that we are to put more rational thinking into the pursuit of spirit, and then place enhanced spiritual connectedness into all facets of science from hypotheses to peering down into a microscope.” He was a proponent of biodynamic farming based on compost and manure, and on creating healthy soil for unspoiled food.

Bob came to his beliefs through the hard work of introspection and a lifetime of diligent search. He was visionary, often misunderstood, ahead of his time and sometimes himself. He was the kind of person who was always, always there for people when it was really important. 

But as much as Bob was a spiritual philosopher who cared deeply about helping others become more spiritual, too, he was grounded in this world. His building and renovations were works of art. He could wire, plumb, fix a foundation and roof a house. He did calculus and geometry in his head as he worked, and talked about the need for spiritual science to save humanity and the planet. When he died, he was energetically preparing for a visit from a new, biodynamic friend who was to help him site and teach him how to build an energy-efficient earth-sheltered home. 

Bob is survived by his beloved son, David, who, among many things, is a brilliant carpenter and woodworker; David’s wife, Jen; and by a brimming Lehman and extended family. He lovingly put up with his five sisters and their spouses, Joan Weld, Ann Marie Rogers, Betsy Smith, Deborah Ferruccio, Victoria Lehman, and niece/sister Kris Spratley, and he did so with grace (mostly). 

Bob loved and is also well-loved by his first wife, Laura Lehman; by second wife, Laura Bennie Davis, and her daughter, Mariah; by Alfie Phillips; and by his brother-in-law, Ken Ferruccio, a fellow epistemologist and searcher of truth. 

He loved and is beloved Uncle Bob to his Warren County nieces and nephews and to more than a score of additional nieces and nephews.

Bob also loved and is loved by Hugh and Liz Courtney, his spiritual mentors; dear friends Tom Traylor, Martha Bergeron, Marcia Levine and Barbara Balogh; brother-by-his-side, Matt Cooper; lifetime friend Stan Yankowski; Blaine Tharrington; his cousin, Rick Marksbury and family; and by fellow sojourners for truth, including Shabari Bird, Lee McCourter, Dani Moumad and Laurie Wilson.

The celebration of Bob’s life will be forthcoming and will be unending. He is now fully in the spiritual community about which he spoke passionately and incessantly and strived to create. We who love him will miss him dearly and will be led by his profound and humble example.