Because Pelosi has not sent the articles of impeachment to the Senate, legal scholars are saying that President Trump has not been legally or officially impeached. Many are saying she is violating the Constitution by withholding the articles. Is Pelosi not committing her own “quid pro quo” by making demands on the Senate before she will send the articles over to the Senate?

The Democrats have spent over $40 million of taxpayers’ money over the last three years trying to impeach President Trump. Have you noticed how many times they have changed their indictment against Trump as the Mueller Report and the Inspector General’s Report have poured cold water on their initial charges? Not one Republican voted to impeach, and rightly so.

The Democrats say Trump must be impeached or he will get elected again. Do you understand the full impact of that statement? They are saying the American people, viz., Republicans, Democrats and independent voters, do not have the ability or right to say who should be president. Because President Trump is leading in many polls, the Democrats are already saying there is interference with the 2020 election.

The Democrats, the party of infanticide, i.e., supports the killing of unborn children via abortion, said they have “prayerfully” considered Trump’s impeachment in the House before acting. How many times have they prayed for unborn children? Their unrelenting support for Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the nation, answers that question.

How is it that country after country is rebelling against socialism, and many want to come to America, and yet the Democrats want to change our country from a Constitutional Republic to a Socialist nation with promises of “freebies” (free education, free medical, equal pay, etc.) without explaining who or how these things are going to be paid for? The election of Boris Johnson in the UK should be a warning to Democrats. How many people do you know have left the USA and moved to countries that have a socialist form of government? Probably none.

To help implement their socialist agenda, they want open borders and convert these illegal immigrants to Democrat voters. Why do you think they want to do away with the Electoral College? Currently, it is hurting their socialist agenda.

It is sad that so many voters do not understand our constitutional form of government and what is at stake in our next election. It is the Democratic Party that should be impeached for their “quid pro quo.” Just look at what Joe Biden said before releasing money to Ukraine.