OK, Warren County, it’s time to rise up. Once again the Warren County school system has lost it. It’s bad enough they took away the band program, and now they are hitting the athletic department. They are now going to do away with some away games due to lack of travel funds. These kids rely on sports. Some play in hopes for a scholarship; some play for the fun, and others play to keep themselves out of trouble and out of the streets.

We as a community came together when it came down to year-round school, school uniforms, and the closing of South Warren. Well, our kids need us now, and we need to stand up for our kids.

Our kids are in bug-infested environments. They have cafeteria workers coming to the kids to collect unused condiment packs. Outdated computers for those taking Microsoft class. School buses running out of fuel. Now the athletic department is taking a hit.

We need to really start paying attention to who we vote in as a board member, as well as county commissioners. Yes, the commissioners have played a part as well. The school system took a deduction in their original budget request from the commissioners. We have settled on letting them do what they want with our children’s education. We have let them turn our town into a ghost town. No grocery store, no high speed internet throughout the town. Being that they have still have not had a grocery store come in, Food Lion has now monopolized the town. So they have raised their prices, and we have sat back and allowed it.

We as a community need to hold those responsible accountable for this mess. Talk to your kids, especially if they are in the high school. They are not happy and are upset with the nonsense. Are we really going to allow them to get away with this? Warren County, let’s come together and get this done for our children’s future.