Some of your letter writers cannot seem to pass up an opportunity to recite lies, half-truths and innuendos regarding the Trump Administration and the state of affairs on the national, state and local level. The recent battle for the Supreme Court was seen by some people, not just Democrats, as an opportunity to stop a man from being seated to one of the most sacred institutions in the U.S. because of his temperament, and accusations of being a sexual predator, aka Clarence Thomas, both Republicans. That position should be beyond reproach more so than any other in our land. It was a given that a conservative Republican would be appointed to that position. The Republicans could and should have done better. No surprise, though, that the president, a person with his own “sexual issues,” stood by him. For me, not a Democrat versus Republication issue, but an issue of decency and holding our appointees there to a higher standard.

Some of your readers tie the Democratic Party in Warren County to just black folks. For their information, not all Republicans in Warren County are white, and not all blacks are Democrats. News alert! We have Native Americans in both parties. Apparently, some folks didn’t know that. Also, surprise, not all Democrats in Warren County support abortion (talk with my family members, all Democrats); same-sex marriage, hardly; gun control (the last hearing that I attended in Warren County regarding guns had hundreds of people attending, many Democrats); or open borders. No way!

Democrats not Godly? Are you kidding me? Check out all the churches in Warren County. I’ll bet you that most are attended by Democrats.

Give me a break! Some folks have been watching too much Fox News! Democrats, by and large, do not support Socialism? Your letter writers must not know anything about the folks in Arcola, Bethlehem, Macon, Grove Hill, Fork or Lickskillet. These folks, many Democrats, work hard, support fiscal restraint and believe that you need to work for what you get. A helping hand, not a hand out!

Through his Trade War with China, Trump has put us in a position where our farmers and others must have a hand out to survive. I am sure that is uncomfortable for them, but we must do what we can to make sure that they make it!  Hang in there!

Now comes the “almost clearance” of the Trump Administration by the Mueller Report. Why do you think that William Barr came in right before the report was released? The fix was on (check out his 30-year record and writings). The report is a farce because William Barr was appointed to protect the president, not to present the truth, and he has done that so far. They are not interested in the truth! Why do you think that he and the president are fighting tooth and nail to keep everything hidden and away from the public? The truth will end the president’s time in office. The president has a new fixer in his pocket, William Barr. He will “Barr” everyone from getting to the truth.

I ask all to take an opportunity to leave Inez, Lake Gaston, Warrenton, Wise, Bethlehem, etc. for a little while to find out what is going on in the real world, then write some stuff that makes sense, if you are even interested in the truth. Race baiting? Google it!