I was born and raised right here in Warren County. I have lived in the Afton community my whole life. All three of my children were educated at South Warren Elementary School.

I attended both public hearings re: possible closure of the school. Regardless of current enrollment, that school is in the southern end of the county, where the growth is heading. The principal is well regarded and doing a great job. The students are performing well. Parents are pleased with the school. Why mess with a good thing?  

South Warren is a school in our neighborhood used by the community. It is the only such facility on our end of the county.

It makes no sense to bus our young students to other schools that are older than South Warren. Fix the heating system in our school. Make plans to build new schools for the younger grades.

It is time for the school board and the county commissioners to do their jobs and put money into educating our young. You cannot put a price tag on preparing our children for the future. Our elected school and county leaders seem too concerned about the dollars and cents while the plan on the table makes no common sense!