Recently, you may have heard about a Town Hall meeting planned for Nov. 14. Although county commissioners’ pictures were used on signs advertising the meeting, it was not a meeting sponsored or noticed by the Warren County Board of Commissioners. As you may have heard or seen here in The Warren Record’s Aug. 14 article titled, “Citizen sues board chair,” the county is in litigation with regard to Warren County’s noise ordinance.  The county’s legal counsel advised the board to refrain from taking any action on the ordinance until after the litigation is concluded. Out of caution, the board will not be able to participate in a meeting or public discussion where the subject matter of the pending litigation would be a focal point. However, in an effort to understand concerns of citizens, the board of commissioners designated a Citizens Advisory Council representative and our clerk to the board to attend and listen to residents’ concerns and report back to the Warren County Board of Commissioners.

As you know, the board of county commissioners conducts monthly meetings to address county business, and every other month we also hold a work session for the board. These meetings are open to the public. At each monthly meeting, normally held on the first Monday of the month, we offer a Citizen Comment period, and any resident is welcome to come and provide comments on any subject or matter you choose. Based on feedback of residents we recently increased the allotted time for each comment to five minutes.  Additionally, at, each commissioner has made a phone number and email available for county residents to contact any of us to voice your support or concerns with regard to county business.

Finally, our county staff is available daily, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. to address operational or service concerns. You can reach the county at 252-257-3115.    

As your elected representatives, we take our roles seriously and would like to encourage you to please use any of the methods provided to contact us directly to share your concerns. We represent all of Warren County, without regard to your views or affiliations.  

As we move into the holiday season, I’d like to reiterate some of the points I made earlier this year. We all live in Warren County by choice, and that choice gives rise to our great passion regarding issues that affect our great county. We cannot allow differences of opinion to divide us. We should let that driving passion that we all have for our county serve as the mortar that binds us.  

Therefore, on behalf of the Warren County Board of Commissioners, I am inviting each of you to join us in committing to a respectful, strategic effort to make Warren County a prosperous community. Neither the Warren County Board of Commissioners, nor county staff under our direction, has spoken with environmentally destructive industries. Implications or allegations of such are unfounded and untrue. As a board and as a county, we cannot lose focus of what will carry us into the future together: passion for our county, the mortar that binds us.


Warren County Board of Commissioners