We write today to elicit your assistance and support in bringing equitable, reliable, and consistent phone and internet service to all citizens of Warren County. 

For several years, our neighbors on Spain Road, Rose Hill Road,  Maryland Drive, and Carolina Lane have received mediocre phone and internet service through CenturyLink. 

Some newer residents of our neighborhood have been told that they cannot receive internet service at all since CenturyLink’s current resources are exhausted. 

The demographics of our small neighborhood and our needs have changed significantly over the past few years, but CenturyLink has been unresponsive to our requests for more stable and reliable phone services and high-speed internet. They continue to make excuses and are dismissive of our requests, other than sending out technicians to troubleshoot specific individual problems. 

Exacerbated by the effects of the pandemic, our needs for reliable phone and internet service have become more essential. Our neighborhood has school-aged children, ranging from kindergarten through post-graduate age, who require reliable access to adequate download and upload speeds to complete their assignments and online meetings. 

Additionally, we have residents who are now required to work from home. These professionals are frustrated by losses in service resulting in losing uploads, getting booted out of meetings, and not receiving critical phone calls.

Furthermore, our neighborhood has elderly residents with health concerns for whom reliable phone and internet are essential lifelines. Besides all that, we rely on phone service and internet service for financial transactions and communication with immediate and extended family. 

In some of our calls to CenturyLink, we have been told that we are “lucky to have any service at all” because much of Warren County has no internet service available whatsoever. If that is the case, our concerns have now become even more urgent and more sweeping. 

We are disheartened to know that there are even more children than our neighbors whose educational needs are not being met. All of Warren County citizens and taxpayers deserve better than this.

We have escalated our complaints to CenturyLink, but all we get are lame apologies and “check’s in the mail” kinds of dismissals. They tell us that they know about the problem but don’t have any assurances of when our needs will be addressed, leaving us hanging just as we have been for several years. 

Can you help us address this need? We look forward to hearing from you regarding measures that are being taken to establish and maintain internet equity for all the citizens of Warren County. We want to know what else we can do to help.