I volunteered on both of President Obama’s campaigns and put Obama signs in my yard for eight years.

However, I voted for President Trump in 2016 and I will do so again in November 2020. Why? Many reasons, but mostly because I wanted a change agent and felt that America needed one badly. 

Trump has kept his many promises: To work toward ending pointless, ruinous foreign wars; to put America first renegotiating international trade agreements; to bring manufacturing back and increasing jobs; to lower taxes and boost the economy for the middle class, not just the rich; and, importantly, criminal justice reform. 

Biden was a sponsor of the 1994 Crime Bill which gave $10 billion to states to build private prisons and provided grants to incentivize states to enact 3-strike laws that disproportionately hurt African Americans. I was ignorant of this when I supported the Obama/Biden ticket. His running mate is no better on the subject of criminal justice. 

Trump’s Criminal Justice Reform of 2018 was overwhelmingly bi-partisan and included the First Step Act providing more leniency in sentencing, among other important reforms. 

I am urging you to be prayerful and thoughtful about your vote this November. I cannot in good conscience vote Biden/Harris. I know it is not really a safe time to be outspoken, but nevertheless, I will be putting a Trump sign on my lawn soon. I hope that my neighbors will respect my First Amendment rights as they did when my lawn sported an Obama sign.