Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, has had legislation that would make it nearly impossible for the NRA to continue to exist by eliminating its ability to have a relationship with either banks or insurance companies. He loudly proclaims that they sell guns. They don’t. I guess he blames the NRA for any school killings.

While I agree that gun deaths are an abomination, I have to point out that this is the same man who loudly celebrated the passage and his signing of an abortion bill that included permitting the termination/killing of delivered live fetuses. Our own Governor Roy Cooper recently vetoed a bill that heavily restricted the termination of a fetus. But he has recently introduced a bill that would allow police to confiscate your firearm if someone said you were a threat to anything. It’s called being guilty prior to being proved innocent. Is this where we are heading?

An MSNBC on-air person, probably been fired, said on air that Venezuela confiscated guns in 2012, and, as a result, the public was unarmed, and when the government has all the guns, then they had all the power. Socialism!

Cory Booker has made the elimination of the NRA a big plank in his run to become president. This is the same Cory Booker who, when mayor of Newark, said he would go to see Obama if the feds tried to eliminate guns, since they were the only thing that was keeping the people in Newark safe because of the rampant crime there.

Then I hear Juan Williams say that if the public in Venezuela had guns, the deaths would be much higher. Actually, if the public still had their guns, it would still be a democracy and not a dictatorial socialist state. Name for me a single socialist state where the population still possesses firearms.

In Switzerland everyone has to have a firearm and know how to use it. Military service is also mandatory. Result? They have not been invaded or had a problem with government high handedness.

The party starting with a D recently had a tweet up that asked which listed Supreme Court justice they preferred, and were presented with Brett Kavanaugh and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The tweet was taken down when Kavanauhg got 71 percent to Ginsburg’s 29 percent.

Demonstration of the brilliance of those folks 230 years ago who devised the Electoral College. It was to simply reduce the possibility of large population centers controlling the outcome of an election. Using New York state as an example, their government is controlled by New York City. The rest of the state amounts to nothing. Kind of like North Carolina. Without the College, the last presidential election would have been controlled by NYC, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Would you want someone from any of those areas telling you what to do? NYC is run by a socialist, as is the state. California the same. Chicago is just plain corrupt!