What an amazing Warren County High School 2019 Homecoming— victory with the final score in the Eagles’ favor! I was extremely amazed at the Alumni Band and very grateful for the dedicated efforts of all that participated. 

The Class of 2020 will have the performance as part of their memories. While I do not know the name of everyone who participated, I do thank them. I am told that participants traveled far and near to rehearsal, and others jumped in Friday night to lend a hand just before the performance. Many traveled to the county after working their regular jobs and making arrangements for their children to attend rehearsals lasting into the night. To know that adults traveled from afar daily to rehearse is notable. The excitement was in the air.

With all this excitement, I must also acknowledge the concern. To learn the band program is not supported currently and that a 20-year legacy has vanished is heartbreaking. Director Taylor Whitehead created a culture that was embraced locally and respected nationally. I must acknowledge that the WCHS Marching Band goes beyond Director Whitehead for many of us to include the band under the leadership of Directors Powell, Baird and Hargrove. The band would shut parades down as the crowd would follow the band from downtown to the fairground.

I encourage the board of education to pour into this program as well as others. We owe it to them to create opportunities to learn a skill/trade to become contributing citizens of the county. Programs like Marketing, Masonry, Automotives, Drafting, Arts, Home Economics, Chorus, Carpentry and Horticulture created life skills. These programs are ones that teach life skills for those who go on to college and for those who enter the work field.

Warren County, affectionately called “the county,” is home to many. Growing up in the county develops you for the world. I cherish all the friendships and relationships formed from attending Warren County Schools. It is an unspoken culture that you are family from all parts of the county. I would love to see WCS embrace the need for electives just as academics. I would love to partner with other WCS alumni (WCHS, John Graham, Norlina, North Warren, Hawkins, etc.) to brainstorm and develop opportunities for growth and development. With the united efforts and resources, we may be able to bring opportunities to the county we all call home.


Proud alumna of WCS

WCHS Class of ‘91