I am calling on Warren County to once again help our kids. As you know, our seniors have had their senior year taken from them. They didn’t get to go through the fun and thrills of senior year. They work so hard and were so excited to walk across the stage on graduation, but instead they are given a microwave instant graduation. Kids are now disappointed and just plain over it. Then to add salt to it, other counties have come up with mod graduation so their kids can walk across the stage. 

I have had kids ask, what can we do at this point? I don’t know. There are no board meetings beforehand, and that wouldn’t matter anyway. I mean, at the last meeting there was a question/comment, and the superintendent said she was not responding to a public comment. 

We as a county do appreciate the seniors being honored with their signs outside the Armory. Today I ask you, Warren County, let’s get together as a community, build a stage for these kids and let them march across the stage. They earned that right. 

We as a community have always been there for our kids whenever the school system let them down and will continue to do so. Warren County, let’s be great for our kids and let them celebrate accordingly.