“Time flies” is an idiom, words or phrases used to exaggerate, or used to drive home a point, but not meant to be taken literally. For instance, it could never really rain cats and dogs, but it does quite often. The older I get, the quicker time seems to pass, or to make my point, the older I get, the more time flies!

We are already into November, with one full month left to complete 2019, and it seems like it was only a month or two ago that we were saying Happy New Year.

And for those of us who are old enough to remember Y2k, can you believe that it will officially be 20 years on Jan. 1, 2020? If you don’t remember or even know what Y2K is, it was during 1999, at the turn of the 21st century, when the unknown prevailed, and computer programmers and computer users alike were afraid that computer systems would fail.

Might I ask who remembers a time before Facebook or twitter, life before likes and tweets in 147 characters or less? I made my first Facebook post in October 2010, when I went back to look at the first picture I posted. Let’s just say again that time flies.

I started 2019 off by encouraging readers to live out their dreams, and by making a plea to “Let’s make a pact to live our own dreams, and reach our goals. Let’s walk into our purpose and passions making 2019 our year!”

I made suggestions such as to return to school, create goals for ourselves, plan ahead of time, and to step out on faith and believe in ourselves.

Well, how is it going? What strides have you made in finding your passion and purpose? If you have been working toward and reaching goals, awesome! Find a way to give yourself some love and continue reaching your goals. But if you are at a standstill or have lost your way, don’t worry! There is always hope.

Recently, I started a conversation on Facebook about the benefits of earning a college degree. One Facebook friend commented, saying one can be just as successful without a college degree as one can with a college degree. And I do agree. There are many ways to achieve success; however, I believe that a having a college education introduces many opportunities that one could not have without it. Another Facebook friend summed the conversation up nicely by referring to college as an experience.

To sum up my point, there are many ways to achieve your goals, dreams and to find your passion. If one way does not work, find another way. Just don’t give up.

If you started your year off strong, listing your goals, writing your book, developing your business plan, etc., and you are off course, it is OK. Revisit your timeline and continue to move forward. Don’t beat yourself up. What matters is that you complete the task; it does not matter how long it takes.

Remember, time flies, nor does time wait for anyone. Just go back to the drawing board, and keep in mind that the ball is in your court; but don’t bite off more than you can chew. Burn the midnight oil; however, you should not beat around the bush too long, nor should you count your chickens before they hatch, and stay positive! Give yourself the benefit of the doubt, and it goes without saying, every cloud has a silver lining.

T.A. Jones is a regular contributor to The Warren Record and the author of “A Summer with No Ice Cream.” She can be reached at terryalstonjones@gmail.com.