You may remember back in January, a 3-year-old boy was lost in the woods for two days in bitterly cold temperatures. It was assumed the child would never survive such frigid weather, as he was not clothed to withstand the cold. By the grace of God, the boy was found unharmed. After extensive medical care, the boy was found healthy with no adverse effects.

How was this possible? He was found in a thorn bush, wet to the bone and freezing cold. When questioned by family and authorities, the boy said he wasn’t alone while lost. Immediately, authorities suspected the child was kidnapped. Then the child explained he was protected by a friendly bear.

The location of the missing child was indeed known to have a large population of black bears; but we all know, bears do not socialize with humans and should be avoided at all cost. Many believe the boy may have “made up” this bear story, that it was a figment of his imagination. I think different. From a perspective of faith, I believe the good Lord did indeed send a bear to protect this child.

There are many biblical examples of God using animals for his purpose; Elijah and the ravens, lions that refused to hurt Daniel, Balaam’s donkey, and more.

Whether or not a bear actually kept this child safe, it is truly a miracle he was found unharmed. A bear, God or a miracle, I know many prayed for the safe return of this child. This, in fact, should be enough to make us believe, God works in mysterious ways, and is another reason to always trust the good Lord and his wild animals.