In the last Letters to the Editor, two addressed dangerous actions being recommended by the Democratic Party: gun control and government controlled healthcare. Consider the following:

Gun control seems to be a major issue with their present presidential candidates. What is the problem, and some will say we need it. All of us should consider Venezuela. The government took all guns from the citizens, and the only people who had guns were the government. When things went bad, the people had no way to defend themselves or challenge the government. We have the 2nd Amendment so the people will have the right to keep and bear arms. If we have no arms, we cannot challenge the government if necessary. Trying to contact your representative or senator by phone, mail or internet does not seem to work. But they want gun control so they can control the people at all times without opposition.

I think that all the presidential candidates are offering universal healthcare to include illegals. That sounds great on the surface. But when the government has complete control of healthcare then we, the citizens, become slaves to them. The 2016 Democratic candidates stated that when they are in control, they will be able to get rid of the nonproductive in our country. They did not indicate who the nonproductive were. But I have three groups that may fit their criteria: the poor, handicapped and elderly.

Each of these groups has a definite need for healthcare, and if the government controls healthcare, it is easy to get rid of them. I feel that you should take a critical look at the healthcare that England provides. They have denied two families to take their young children outside of England for care. The children died, and the families were not allowed to be with them even at the funeral. Because of the embarrassment of these two, they later allowed a family to bring their child, who had heart problems, to the U.S. The operation was very successful. This is how much control the government would have over each individual.

Because I am 82 and have ATF they could easily get rid of me by denying me the drugs I have used for the last 15 years. The result would be burial. Think about that and decide if that is the way you want the government to provide healthcare. There are many simple solutions. If I can think of them, surely those in the legislature can think of them.

These two areas are very serious. Get your own thoughts and decide what you will do on Election Day in November 2020.