It can be easily done, fooling the masses. Such things are common to politics. Such things, attributes, if you will, are a requirement of the ruse. The United States is the only country on earth to vote itself dry, turn 90 percent of the citizens into criminals, then vote itself wet again. Kinda makes you wonder, the need to appease, for another vote. Now we get to where we are now, where we have been longer than many will admit. Things that are not inclusive to re-election are ignored or denied.

Take the county of Warren, a rural, rural county for the most part. There is no grocery store in the county seat. An aging population, made up primarily of an aging and dying population, soon to be extinct, does not see the problem here. The young people move out, and with good reason, much like the ghost towns of the late 1880s. I don’t blame them. And so it goes. There is nothing for them here. The wealth is owned by hand-me-down, generation to generation. Nothing more.

My word limit is reached. No harm done here. Until next time I will think for myself.