Well, once again we are off to a new school year, but of course with twists and turns. First, while we all watch the closing of South Warren and a new superintendent come in, we were not watching the other things going on. They decided to lay off our Title 1 director to save money. For those who are not familiar with Title 1, here is a quick rundown. A Title 1 school is a school receiving federal funds for Title 1 students. The basic principle of Title 1 is that schools with large concentrations of low-income students will receive supplemental funds to help ensure that children meet state academic standards. Now our old superintendent thought it would be wise to eliminate our director and just allow two other staff members who have their own jobs to do to share the responsibilities of taking care of Title 1. So we now have not one person solely focused on Title 1.

Now if they really wanted it to save money, they really should have looked into the bus garage. The bus garage does what they want to do. Half the time the schools don’t know who is driving their buses, what bus numbers will they have, or if they will even have a bus or driver. Some of the buses have no air for students on these hot days, and there is a bus right now out doing routes and doesn’t even have a working horn.

Let’s talk about these routes. Some of these routes are two and a half to three hours long. That is a long time for kids to be riding on a bus. That’s also cause for a safety issue. School administrators leave at 4:30 p.m., so if something was to happen and your child wasn’t able to get off at home, what happens to the child, because the bus driver can’t take them back to school because no one is there.

The bus garage is known for not having good, clear communication with the schools. The bus garage needs to be thinned out. If you have that many working over there, and the system is still chaotic and broken, then someone over there should go and not a Title 1 director. Let’s build up a broken school system.