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Taking the bait - The Warren Record: Opinion

Taking the bait

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Posted: Wednesday, October 10, 2018 9:00 am

Ron Taylor’s Oct. 3 letter yet again calls out black people, so I’ll take the bait. At least Ron has black “friends” now, per his most recent letter. In the past he’s simply written black people off as not smart and relied on stuff he reads about “black code” to inform his view of black people (see his “Is Obama Telling the Truth” letter from Oct. 17, 2012).

Ron asks, “What has the Democratic Party done for you that you vote Democrat?” This question requires at least two answers and more words than I’m allowed in this newspaper’s word limit. In short, the two answers are: Republicans actively oppose black voters, and Democrats support public services that are relied on in larger proportions by blacks.

Regarding the GOP, the only viable alternative to Democrats. A federal appeals court in 2016 found that a GOP-backed voter ID law in North Carolina had “discriminatory intent” and targeted blacks with “almost surgical precision.” Republicans are also responsible for such things as Stop and Frisk and the Drug Abuse Act of 1986 which led to racist drug enforcement and mandatory minimums for drug offenses, among other things (again, word limits). Republican-leaning judges gutted the Voting Rights Act in 2013 leading to the closing of polling places in black-majority areas throughout the country.

Democrats are more supportive of public resources and services, and these are used at higher rates by blacks than whites. I’m not talking EBT specifically. Public schools, libraries, Head Start, Medicaid and other such resources help black families to get through as our median household incomes remain significantly below that of whites. No, Democrats aren’t crafting many things only for black people, but Republicans don’t do that either, so it’s a wash. Republicans rarely ask what the Republican Party has done for blacks to influence blacks to vote for them.

Also, know that Ron recently credited Trump with the record lows in black unemployment. That record low follows a trend that started in 2011 under a Democratic president and Senate. Hopefully, Ron and others don’t think that black unemployment was at typical levels until January 2017 and then Trump magically brought it down to historic lows in less than two years.

To finish this, though, Ron’s letters dating back many years reflect a negative overall view of black people. If Ron thinks something is good for black people, you should probably believe the opposite.


Soul City