I was reading Matthew 9:4, where Jesus said, “… in the beginning, God made them male and female.” (No in between, trans this or trans that.) Yet to believe the Democratic Party, you would think half the population is transgendered.

God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for its homosexuality, and yet the Democratic Party berated President Trump for not flying the LGBTQ flag at its embassies.

The Democratic Party wants to destroy the very principles upon which this country was founded, and the sad part is that most people are ignorant of this fact. No American flag was seen at their debate.

The Democrats want to give free health insurance to illegal immigrants at the expense of the elderly and our veterans. They want to cancel all student debt, provide free college tuition, raise your taxes, pay reparations to those that never experienced slavery, Medicare for all, and more gun control. When adults don’t know which gender they are, trust me, guns are not the issue.

World Magazine’s recent cover headline read, “When Will We Ever Learn?” showing pictures of previous world dictators such as Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Castro and others, with a sub-title stating, “Socialism typically brings dictatorship and death.”

Yet all you hear from the Democrats is that socialism is greater than Grandma’s apple pie, except for, “We must impeach Trump to save the country.” Speaking of Trump, since the Mueller report failed them, they now want to see his tax returns. Well, I’d rather see Hillary’s emails than Trump’s tax return.

My questions to my Democrat friends: “Why are guns required to be registered, but illegal immigrants are not? Why is it if you cheat to get into college, you can go to jail, but if you cheat coming into America illegally, you can go to college free.”

The Democrats have taken God out of our schools and are now attempting to take God out of our government. Just recently, Pelosi allowed an anti-Israel Iman to pray before Congress. She claims the Bible allows abortions, but I’m having a problem finding that verse.

The Democratic Party believes in infanticide, i.e., the killing of a baby after birth. Why is it that when a person’s heart stops beating, that individual is declared dead, but when a baby’s heart beats in the womb, it’s not declared a live person?

Blood, sweat and tears made our country free. It certainly wasn’t socialism.