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Good vs. evil - The Warren Record: Opinion

Good vs. evil

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Posted: Wednesday, October 3, 2018 10:15 am | Updated: 10:16 am, Wed Oct 3, 2018.

After watching the Kavanaugh hearing this past week, I am convinced the election in November is no longer a race between Republicans and Democrats, but a battle between good and evil. The evil being the Democrats. The hearing really had nothing to do with Kavanaugh, but about destroying the presumption of innocence and the destruction of our current form of government. All led by the Democratic Party.

Democrats can find a 36-year-old drunken high school party, but can’t find thousands of Hillary’s emails. The Democrats mocked and refused to hear any of Bill Clinton’s rape accusers, and yet readily believe a Democrat feminist accusation without any evidence. Not one Democrat asked Judge Kavanaugh if he was guilty of the accusations.

Maybe each member of Congress should be investigated for the last 40 years. Then let’s see who is left standing. Or have Congress release the names of those that spent taxpayers’ money as hush money for sexual harassment settlements. Better yet, maybe Trump should nominate Hillary so an investigation of her can finally get started. Knowing it’s not possible, if Judge Kavanaugh is not appointed, Trump should appoint him as attorney general to help him drain the swamp.

Most Warren County residents do not understand what the Democratic Party is attempting to do to this country and what they represent. They want you to pay more taxes, have open borders and illegal voters. They support abortion, (the killing of unborn babies), they support same-sex marriage which violates God’s word. They want to take away your guns, they support socialism (take from the working class and give to those that refuse to work) and they are anti-police.

Before any accusations were made against Judge Kavanaugh, Chuck Schumer said he will do everything in his power to stop the nomination. May I ask why? Because the judge is a conservative Republican, a supporter of our Constitution. Even if elected, the Democrats have said if they win the House and Senate in November, they will impeach him and Trump and undo everything Trump has done.

To my friends in the black community, I ask, “What has the Democratic Party done for you that you vote Democrat?” Planned (banned) Parenthood, which the Democratic Party supports wholeheartedly, was established to eliminate the black community. Guess where Margaret Sanger put all her clinics?

This November, vote what is good and not what is evil.