Was surfing on TV earlier this week and somehow got on a foreign station, or I assumed it was. There were a large number of people on the stage, and it turns out they were running for the presidency of Central America. Tell you what. I am looking into moving there because they were giving all sorts of things for free. Medical aid, education, housing, you name it. Now, if they were doing that for folks in this country I would move here immediately. I knew it could not have been a local station, because there was not an American flag in view.

After listening for awhile, I determined that they have just as many ignorant people down there as we do.

I have discovered a sure proof way of ending obesity and getting a healthier population as well, which would reduce significantly our cost of healthcare. We need to get behind the Socialist program. Sound weird? Just think. You would save time when shopping because there would be only a single aisle, because instead of 45 kinds of cereal there would be only one or two, but you would have to shop early because there would only be so much delivered.

Father and daughter found drowned in the Rio Grande. People go nuts. Heartbreaking situation.

But then I started looking at other causes of death in this country that don’t get the same vitriolic reaction. Drug overdose deaths in 2017 were 70,237. In West Virginia alone they had 57.8 per 100,000. A small selection of other causes are cancer at 600,000; motor vehicles at 40,327; Alzheimer’s at 116,103; flu and pneumonia at 51,537; intentional suicide at 44,965.

The reason for all the shouting over the tragic deaths of that father and daughter is the failure of our politicians. Rather then solve problems, they seem to spend their time looking for a scapegoat. They have been dodging the immigration issue for 70 years that I know of. I still do not understand rewarding someone for violating our laws, and then using our laws to protect them, and then having all these folks running for president of Central America blame it on a guy who has been in office for slightly over two years.

Time for congress to put a schedule in place to accomplish the changes to laws that are not working. There is not a business in existence that could survive being run like congress, short of illicit drugs and other sorts of business not presently under the control/regulation of congress.