As part of efforts by the General Federation of Women’s Clubs of North Carolina (GFWC-NC) and its local affiliate, the GFWC Warrenton Woman’s Club, to support educational excellence, GFWC Warrenton Woman’s Club is accepting applications for the GFWC-NC Sallie Southall Cotten Scholarship. 

Applicants must reside in Warren County, be graduating high school seniors, and plan to attend a North Carolina college or university.  Students must be sponsored by a GFWC-NC club in their local area that is participating in the scholarship process to apply.

The GFWC of North Carolina Sallie Southall Cotten Scholarship is a four-year scholarship awarded to an outstanding North Carolina high school senior (male or female).   The winner of the state scholarship will be awarded $3,000 per year for four years, for a total of $12,000, provided the academic record and conduct of the recipient justifies continuance of the scholarship.  (In the event the recipient graduates in three years, the scholarship will cover three years instead of four).  NOTE: Applications for this scholarship will also be considered for the GFWC Warrenton Woman’s Club $500 spring scholarship to be awarded in May 2021. 

GFWC Warrenton Woman’s Club will select and sponsor one applicant for the GFWC-NC Sallie Southall Cotten Scholarship.  The club’s candidate will compete at the GFWC-NC district level in February 2021.  Winners at the district level will be considered finalists and will compete at the GFWC-NC state level competition in March 2021.  

Applications for the GFWC-NC Sallie Southall Cotten Scholarship offered to high school seniors are available in all Warren County high schools’ guidance counselors’ offices or by calling Janet Lesser at 252-257-5590.  Completed applications must be mailed to Janet Lesser, 155 Whispering Pines Drive, Macon, NC 27551, no later than Dec. 31.