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Warren County Schools has named Kendra Davis of Mariam Boyd Elementary School as its Principal of the Year.

As an educator, she follows in the footsteps of her parents, Felton B. Davis, Jr. and the late Constance A. Davis.

“They were longtime educators,” Davis said. “I looked up to what they did, their dedication and passion for students. I wanted to give back to the community like they did.”

She attended elementary school at Mariam Boyd and went on to graduate from Warren County High School in 1991.

After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from North Carolina Central University, Davis began working at Northside Elementary School in 1995.

She earned a master’s degree in Elementary Education at North Carolina Central in 2000, became National Board certified in 2005, and earned her master’s degree in administration from Elizabeth City State University in 2015.

Davis taught first, second, third and fourth grades at Northside in nearly a decade. In 2013, she began teaching at Mariam Boyd.

After two years, Davis became curriculum coach. Two years after that, she became assistant principal. Last school year, she became principal.

At Mariam Boyd, Davis has come full circle from the time when she was a student there. After working as both a teacher and administrator, what she finds most meaningful has not changed: watching students grow.

“(What is most meaningful is) seeing students grow and becoming successful,” Davis said. “I see them grow and become citizens of the world and even better students.”

As a longtime teacher in Warren County Schools, she now works with the children, and even grandchildren, of her former students.

“I see students mature and grow up,” Davis said. “I have seen some of my former students become teachers.”

She may have been an inspiration for these students, just like the noteworthy Warren County teachers who inspired her. While her parents laid a strong foundation, Davis recalls some special teachers: Jean Johnson at the elementary level; Priscilla Chavis at the middle school level; and Sandra Crosson, Mary Jordan and Morton Jones at the high school level; among many others while she was in school here.

As both a teacher and administrator, Davis wants to inspire students that if she could do it, they can, too.

“You may come from a small school district, but if you have a dream and goals, you can do it,” she said. “You must keep pushing forward. I tell students that there is nothing they can’t do as long as they put their mind to it.”

As for being selected as Warren County Schools’ Principal of the Year, Davis said, “It means a lot.”

“I stand on the shoulders of so many wonderful educators from Warren County,” she said.

Davis expressed thanks to the faculty and staff at Mariam Boyd for their support, describing them as a family. She also thanked Superintendent Keith Sutton and the central services staff for pushing her to continue to achieve high standards, and the board of educator, for their support for all schools.

She gave special appreciation for her students and their families.

“Thanks to my students and their families for being there to support me as we work together to help students be even better,” Davis said.