As Vance-Granville Community College begins a new academic year, college enrollment officials are reporting an uptick in students taking more courses for 16-week and 1st eight-week terms. 

The college is reporting an estimated 7.4 percent increase in the total number of credit hours that students are taking – typically known as Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) enrollment – compared to the same point in time last year (August 2020). That FTE figure is important in calculating state funding received for each community college in North Carolina. 

“Because community colleges do not get to keep tuition received, but instead rely on a redistribution of those receipts coupled with other state funds, our FTE calculation is very important. The more courses a student takes, the higher our share of that reimbursement – which is necessary for the college to continue and even increase quality training and services to the community. More importantly, though, is that when students successfully complete more courses, they accelerate entry or re-entry into the workforce with their new skills. That’s good for individuals, the college, employers, and our community,” said College President Rachel Desmarais. 

“Our team is excited to see a positive uptick in FTE. Team members in admissions, financial aid, advising, marketing, faculty, and other areas have all played a part in this work. We are optimistic about this enrollment mark, and are committed to continuously connecting diverse individuals in our service area to our college, relevant academic programs, resources, and supports,” said Dr. Levy Brown, vice president of Learning, Student Engagement & Success. 

The college invites individuals from the service area of Warren, Vance, Granville and Franklin counties as well as the surrounding region to enroll for the Second eight-week term, which begins on Oct. 13. There are various classes that students can take in Business Administration, College Transfer, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education and Medical Office Administration. 

There are a variety of hybrid, in-person and online courses to meet the needs of the student learner. VGCC has campuses in Henderson, Creedmoor, Louisburg and Warrenton. For more information on enrollment, visit To learn more, click “Admissions” for enrollment details and how to apply.