Significant changes and beautification in downtown Warrenton are coming thanks to the efforts of the board of commissioners, its committees and Robert Davie, the town administrator, as outlined during the board’s regular monthly meeting Oct. 12 at Town Hall. 

To alleviate public concerns such as fear of falling bricks and the fate of the Dameron building at the corner of Franklin and Main streets, the board extended its year’s option to buy the building in order to have time to secure the walls and work with businesses which are interested in developing the property.

As the paving of streets is being wrapped up, the board responded to citizens’ complaints about leftover debris such as globs of asphalt along Ridgeway Street near Spring Street, grit and asphalt on sidewalks to assure everyone that clean-up is underway.

To alleviate traffic congestion and hazards, two downtown streets, Markets and Macon, will be designated as one-way with cast stone planters and signage to facilitate drivers’ adaption to the changes and to protect pedestrians.

Also, the public was given advance notice regarding possible zoning changes for parcels on Hwy. 158 between the solar farm and Read Road presently zoned R-20 (residential). Commissioners indicated that since much of it is already commercial, the proposed change to C-2 would bring it into compliance with actual use.  Therefore, a public hearing has been scheduled for November 7, will be duly advertized and property owners notified in advance as required.

Other topics discussed with some acted upon, such as re-applying for a Brownfield grant, work to update the required survey of Warrenton’s Historic District to meet National Historic District compliance and the execution of various grants for fair housing, bicycle lane markings, racks and fix-it stations, will be reported when more information becomes available.