This fall’s municipal elections will bring changes to Warren County’s three incorporated towns as several incumbents did not file for re-election, including Norlina Mayor Wayne Aycock.


The town of Macon will fill the position of mayor and all five seats on the town board.

Incumbent Mayor Carroll Harris and incumbent town commissioners James H. Boyd, Jr., Loyd King, Glenn R. Riggan, Wanda C. Thompson and Joanne Reese have filed for re-election.


The town of Norlina will elect a mayor and all five members of its board of commissioners.

Filing for the office of mayor was Tarleosha W. Seward. Incumbent Mayor Wayne Aycock did not file for re-election. After serving on the Norlina Town Board off and on since 1991, he was elected as mayor in 2019.

Filing for seats on the town board were Dennis Carrington (incumbent), Claude O’Hagan (incumbent), Shavon Marie Russell Jones, Tyrone Simes, Sr. (incumbent) and Charles Smiley (incumbent). Incumbent Town Commissioner Roger Jackson did not file for re-election.


The seven-member Warrenton Town Board has staggered terms, so all board seats don’t come up for election at the same time. There is an anomaly this time due to the timing of when an unexpired seat was filled last year.

Warrenton residents will elect a mayor, elect three town commissioners to four-year terms, and elect one town commissioner to a two-year term to fill the unexpired term of Travis Packer would expire at the end of 2023. Mark Wethington was appointed in November to fill the unexpired term. However, due to the timing of the appointment, state law 160A-63 indicated that Wethington could serve in Packer’s seat only until an elected successor took office in the fall’s municipal election, or Wethington himself could run for that seat and, if elected, complete Packer’s remaining two years. Wethington also had the option to run for a four-year term.

Filing for the office of mayor was longtime incumbent Mayor Walter Gardner, Jr.

Warrenton residents will choose from among six candidates for the three seats on the town board which are open for four-year terms: Aaron Ayscue, incumbent Mary Lang Hunter, John Mooring, Mark W. Wethington, David T. Woodson and Jason Young.

Filing for a two-year term on the town board to fill the unexpired term of Travis Packer were George A. (Al) Fleming and Edna Scott, who was appointed in March to fill the unexpired term of Tom Hardy, whose seat was due to expire at the end of this year.

Municipal elections will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 2.