Members of The Heritage Quilters, seen here in an archival photo, have been recognized for their support of folklife and traditional culture by the North Carolina Folklore Society.

A group of local artisans, The Heritage Quilters, is among winners of The North Carolina Folklore Society’s 2012 Community Traditions Awards. 

Around 20 members strong, The Heritage Quilters includes members from Warren, Vance and Halifax counties, united not only by their love of quilting, but by their recognition that quilting as a tradition is shared across cultural and ethnic boundaries. 

The group emphasizes quilting’s ability to create community and teach values like cooperation, resourcefulness and creativity. Since 2001, when the group was founded, that vision has expanded to include philanthropy, community development and advocacy.  

In 1992 the NC Folklore Society gave out the first of its Community Traditions Awards. This award honors the organizations and groups who engage in or support folklife and traditional culture in North Carolina. 

The Heritage Quilters will receive their award during the 99th Annual Meeting of the North Carolina Folklore Society on Saturday on the campus of East Carolina University in Greenville. The public is invited to attend this free event.