This weekend, children will dress up as their favorite superheroes, movie characters, ghosts and goblins, and take to the streets going door to door in search of treats, and maybe even a few tricks at the homes of family and friends.

In Warrenton, the town sets the day and time for trick-or-treating each year so citizens will know when to expect an influx of people, children and vehicles in town. When Halloween falls on a Sunday, as it does this year, the annual hunt for candy is traditionally observed the preceding day. 

This weekend, trick-or-treating will be observed in the Warrenton town limits on Saturday, Oct. 30, from 5:30-8:30 p.m. As always, it is up to each household to choose whether or not to participate. 

Because Halloween — Oct. 31 — falls on Sunday, it is possible that some trick-or-treaters may choose to come to town on that day, rather than Saturday.

Motorists are reminded to drive slowly and be watchful both nights of children and adults walking on town streets.

Trick-or-treaters should carry glow-sticks or flashlights; have reflective tape on their costumes, shoes or candy bags; use caution when crossing streets; and travel in groups or with an adult.