The Low Income Energy Assistance Program provides a one-time annual vendor payment to help eligible families pay their heating expense.

If a Warren County resident received a LIEAP payment in 2021-2022 then an automatic payment will be generated to that same account this fiscal year. The state will mail notices this month to each family from the 2021-2022 pre-populated application information. The notice will be sent with instructions on how to report changes to the department. The recipient can contact or return the notice with changes to their local DSS office within 10 business days. If the recipient does not contact or report any changes to DSS, the information from the 2021-2022 LIEAP application will be used to approve the household for 2022-2023 benefits. The recipient will be informed that an automated LIEAP payment was given to them. They do not need to apply.

Households not included in the target population will be able to apply following regular LIEAP application policy. Regular application policy is as follows: Application period begins Dec. 1 for households with a disabled person who is receiving services through the Division of Aging and Adult Services, or households containing a person age 60 and above are potentially eligible from Dec. 1-31 or until funds are exhausted. Applications for the general public will be taken from Jan. 1 through March 31 or until funds are exhausted.  

This program is being administered by: Warren County Department of Social Services, 307 N. Main St., Warrenton, NC 27589 (252-257-5000)

Bring the following information to determine eligibility:

• Photo Identification

• Mail or document showing current address (rental agreement, utility bill, etc.)

• Information about your household’s income. If anyone works, bring wage stubs for the month prior to the month you visit the agency. Bring letter from Social Security Administration to confirm benefits or a statement that shows direct deposit.

• Recent statement for savings or checking accounts.

• Name, date of birth and Social Security card or numbers for each household member.

• A bill from your primary source of heat (used the most to heat your home). Households that heat with wood/kerosene will not have a bill to submit.

Heating source bill — If the bill is not in applicant’s name, applicant must provide a written statement from the person whose name the bill is in (must be 18 or older) stating that applicant is responsible for payment of the heating expense.

Note: If you or someone you know is not physically able to come to the agency to apply, that person may provide a trusted individual (representative) with a written statement authorizing them to apply for LIEAP on their behalf. The statement must include a contact number. The representative should bring all documents needed to determine eligibility.