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Motorists traveling near the intersection of US Highway 158 bypass and Warren Plains Road are alerted to a change in traffic pattern in the weeks leading up to today’s change to an all-way stop.


On Wednesday, April 14, the intersection at Warren Plains Road and Highway 158 bypass at Warren Plains will become an all-way stop.

The NC Department of Transportation placed electronic signage in the area to notify motorists of the pending change in recent weeks.

For many years, a flashing light alerted drivers to the intersection. Motorists traveling along Warren Plains Road were alerted to stop by a flashing red light, while the 158 bypass side displays a caution light.

Marty Homan, NCDOT communications officer for the Triangle area, said that the change to an all-way stop was made due to an increasing number of accidents at the intersection in recent years. He reported that over a 10-year period ending in October 2019, the Warren Plains intersection was the site of 33 car crashes, with two fatalities reported. Twenty-four of the vehicle accidents occurred in the last five or six years.

Homan indicated that the DOT chose to take action because the number of accidents has become more frequent and more severe. He added that the traffic volume at the intersection is not enough to warrant a traffic light. Homan described an all-way stop as being high on the list of safest intersections.

Tare “T” Davis, chairman of the Warren County Board of Commissioners, agreed.

“Everyone has to come to a full stop at the intersection and look,” he said.

Davis, who works for the State Highway Patrol, indicated that the DOT usually does not contact county commissioners about changes in traffic patterns, but bases its decisions on what is believed to be best to keep motorists safe.

“They do a traffic study and make changes due to safety,” he said.