Nearly 300 county employees were affected when their paychecks were reversed out of their bank accounts Friday, leaving an untold number with overdraft charges and possible late fees after paying bills and making purchases with money that wasn’t really there.

According to an email from County Manager Vincent Jones to county employees Monday morning, because Monday, Feb. 15 — a regular county payday — was a banking holiday, in an effort to make sure employees received their pay before then, payroll was deposited on Friday, but then reversed. Another deposit of payroll was supposed to be made, but there was an error in that transaction.

Jones told the newspaper that the error appeared to be with payroll due to the bank’s processing/cutoff times, but the county was waiting on a full explanation to come on Tuesday when the bank reopened.

Jones said that the county realized the problem was widespread on Saturday after employees discovered deposit and reversal transactions in their banking.

Jones’ email to employees states that the county will be providing reimbursement, with appropriate documentation, to employees for any late fees or charges related to the issue.

His email includes an apology on behalf of the county and the following statement: “You all provide service to residents on a daily basis and count on our administrative functions to support you without fail. We didn’t meet that expectation and will make the necessary changes to prevent this from ever happening again.