The Hendrick House

The historic Hendrick House, located behind the Warren County Courthouse at 105 S. Front Street, Warrenton, comes to life once again, this time as a quilt center and headquarters for the Heritage Quilters. The Heritage Quilters will host an open house on Sept. 19, from 4 to 7 p.m. Quilts will be displayed and refreshments served. 

The historic Hendrick House, circa 1870, was the family home of African-American Aaron Hendrick and his wife Alice Fain Hendrick. Aaron Hendrick maintained a livery stable in the backyard and was an important figure in the commerce landscape of his time. 

The Hendrick House housed many organizations over the years, including community nonprofits and most recently the county manager’s office, which relocated in late 2011.

For the Heritage Quilters, it has been a journey to occupy the property. In an effort to promote the cultural heritage of Warren County as a place and destination for quilts, quilting and quilters, the Heritage Quilters initially approached the Warren County Board of Commissioners in 2012 with their vision for the county-owned Hendrick House as a quilt center, a workshop and meeting space. The board approved an agreement with the group for use of the property, which has since received a number of renovations and improvements.

The Heritage Quilters, organized in 2001, will further its mission of supporting, encouraging and documenting quilting traditions and activities at the Hendrick House.  The quilters with exhibit quilts and other historic artifacts, conduct quilting workshops and host a variety of programs to promote cultural understanding. It is the underlying principle of cooperative work related to quilting traditions that contributes to the quilters’ interest in and understanding of community and community building.  

More than a quilting club, the Heritage Quilters organized a giving circle, which is a form of philanthropy where a group of individuals donate their own money, time and talent to a pooled fund and decide together where to allocate the resources to strategically address community needs and issues. The Heritage Quilters Giving Circle is a member of the Community Investment Network. 

For more information on the Heritage Quilters and upcoming activities, call Portia Hawes at 252-257-9194 or email jereking@ncol.net.