The Warren County Board of Education will host a Virtual Community Forum at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 27 to receive input about the public’s vision for the future of Warren County Schools.

Pre-registration is required in order to participate and may be completed through the link in the Live Feed section on the school system website, Registration will remain open through Oct. 26.

Community survey

Board Chairwoman Ebony Talley-Brame said that questions which forum participants will be asked to discuss will be based upon responses to a community survey which is also available through a link on the school system website.

The survey, titled “A Shared Vision for Our Future,” includes an introduction stating that the forum will have nothing to do with the COVID-19 pandemic or related concerns, but will instead focus on what the community needs and wants to see from Warren County Schools moving forward.

The survey includes the following questions:

• How would you describe the general culture of Warren County’s school system (values, ways of interacting, underlying beliefs, etc)? Check all that apply: motivating, engaging, fun, innovative/inspires creativity, nurturing/caring, rewarding, hopeful, transparent/upfront and clear, promising, challenging/pushing students to grow and do better, disengaged/unconnected, unsupportive, demanding, inconsistent, frustrating, complicated, I’m not sure of the culture, other

If you answered “other” above, please elaborate.

• Generally (or historically), what has been the most exciting thing about Warren County Schools to you? Check all that apply: academics, athletics, arts programming, social engagement, teacher/student relationships and mentorships, nothing excites me at this time, other

If you answered “other” above, please explain.

• When a child graduates from Warren County Schools, what characteristics do you think are most valuable to their success? Check all that apply: kindness towards others, understanding of diverse perspectives, optimistic/positive and hopeful attitude, strong work ethic, ability to be flexible in changing situations, ability to advocate for themselves/ability to be their biggest supporter, being creative/imaginative, other

If you answered “other” above, please explain.

•What skill sets do you want your student/students to build while at Warren County Schools? Check all that apply: leadership skills, time management skills, critical thinking skills, financial literacy skills, reading at or above grade level, speaking a second language, a trade (such as masonry, nursing, cosmetology, welding, etc.), stress management skills, healthy relationship skills, technology skills/digital literacy, writing skills for diverse audiences, job readiness skills, creative thought, other

If you answered “other” above, please explain.

•By the time they are 25, the following will be true for WCS graduates(check all that apply): maintains healthy relationships, is pursuing higher education and/or is gainfully employed, can financially support themselves and/or their families, is a problem solver, is a critical thinker, knows how to set goals and work toward those goals, has an optimistic attitude, has a clear understanding of who they are as a person, values human dignity, is resourceful, can navigate key life decisions, aware of environmental issues, other 

If you said “other” above, please explain.

• What’s missing from Warren County Schools? What would you like to see, or what have you seen in the past that’s no longer there? Check all that apply: arts programming (band, theatre, chorus, visual arts, etc), stronger athletic program, diverse co-curricular courses (such as home economics, masonry, carpentry, agriculture, automechanics, etc.), booster clubs, foreign language programs, project-based learning, internships/externships, service learning, college courses, anti-racist teaching, school design focused on a sense of safety and belonging, healing informed practices (understands and takes into account children’s trauma), other

If you checked “other” above, please explain.

The survey includes a link for those who want help in thinking of other ideas.

The deadline for completing the survey is Oct. 26.

The forum

To join the forum, participants should click on the link provided in their registration confirmation forms.

The event will begin with comments from facilitators Charla Duncan, Warren County interim Economic Development director/senior assistant to the county manager; and Crystal Smith, Warren County Cooperative Extension director.

Participants will then be divided into small groups that will consider a number of questions based upon survey responses.

Talley-Brame said community members will serve as team leaders to guide discussion on a series of questions related to survey responses. Note takers will be assigned to each group to record the responses.

Talley-Brame added that each member of the board of education will be assigned to a group as an observer. County commissioners will also be invited to observe the small group discussions.

The forum is expected to include two small group sessions of approximately 20 minutes each.

Following these discussions, participants will return to the large group setting, where the note takers will present findings from the small group discussions.

An important purpose

Talley-Brame urged members of the community to register, adding that registration is required in order to access the forum.

She noted that parents and the general public will receive automatic calls to remind them about the event. Information will also be provided at early voting sites.

Talley-Brame indicated that forum discussion will serve as important purpose as the board of education plans for the future.

“We want to hear what the community has to say,” she said. “We will take this information to help with our strategic plan.”