LUCI WELDON/The Warren Record

Ready to assist clients at Rendi’s Barber Beauty & Wellness Studio in Warrenton are, from the left, Cynthia Joyner, natural hair care tech; Shannon Williams, barber and shop manager; Marquetta Stevenson, CEO, barber, body sculptor and Herbalife nutritionist; and Karen Hargrove, massage therapist, esthetician and natural hair care tech. Not pictured: Quincy Hargrove, office manager.

Warren County native Marquetta Stevenson opened Rendi’s Barber Beauty & Wellness Studio on Warrenton’s Ridgeway Street in September 2022. Today, the business continues to grow with a full staff offering head-to-toe wellness services for people of all ages.

Through her business and its name, Stevenson honors her grandmother, Marinda “Rendi” Hargrove, who passed away in 2007. Stevenson previously described her grandmother as one of the most inspiring people in her life, not only with her personality, but also her impact on people in the community.

When clients walk into Rendi’s, they will still hear the sounds of a gentle fountain and see video images of fish, sea turtles and other ocean life swimming peacefully as soft music plays in the background. There have been a few changes in the front room, including a display of fashion jewelry offered for sale and some changes in the décor. Rendi’s also sells a brand of body and skin care products.

Most noticeable to clients will be the addition of several staff members that allow Rendi’s to offer a broader range of services, which now include barbering and natural hair care.

Stevenson, CEO of the local business, also serves as a barber, body sculptor and Herbalife nutritionist. The Warren County High School and Geter Barber College graduate, hopes that the public will look at Rendi’s as a self-care haven. Her business slogan is proudly displayed: “Look good. Feel better.”

“We still offer head to toe services for men, women and children,” Stevenson said. “All services are provided in a private setting.”

The rest of the Rendi’s team includes Quincy Hargrove, office manager; Shannon Williams, barber and shop manager; Karen Hargrove, message therapist, esthetician and natural hair care tech; and Cynthia Joyner, natural hair care tech.

Warren County native Shannon Williams is a graduate of Warren County High School and Geter Barber College. He primarily works on Wednesdays offering barber services, such as haircuts, shampoos and dye.

He used to cut hair for fun and found that he improved the more that he did it. However, cutting hair was just a hobby.

“I never thought I would do it professionally,” Williams said. “After working in other jobs, I wanted something I would be doing for a long time, and I went to (barber) school.”

He has now worked as a barber for eight years.

Cynthia Joyner, originally from Henderson, grew up in the beauty environment since two great-aunts owned a beauty salon. She started doing hair for fun at the age of 7 or 8.

Joyner went on to graduate from the Vance-Granville Community College cosmetology program with a focus on natural hair care.

At Rendi’s, she offers scalp treatments, braids, twists and locks. Joyner also helps clients by offering recommendations about caring for natural hair.

Warren County native Karen Hargrove is a Norlina High School graduate and Stevenson’s aunt. Hargrove originally dreamed about being a nurse.

“I knew I wanted to do something to help people feel better,” she said.

Hargrove prayed about her future and whether it involved nursing. She came to notice that a nurse in one of her classes who had sinus problems found relief through head massage.

Ultimately, Hargrove decided that nursing was not for her. Instead, she graduated from Medical Arts Massage School in Raleigh and has been a massage therapist for 20 years.

Hargrove said that massage therapy offers many health benefits, including relieving stress, anxiety, tension, back pain and the arthritis and stiffness that develop as people age. She said that massage also helps people recovery from surgery and injury.

Rendi’s self-care services for men, women and children continue to include body sculpting, massage, facials, haircuts/hairstyling, hair and scalp treatments, bald-head treatments, beard treatments, temporary hair replacement solutions, cosmetic teeth whitening, foot soak, foot detox and more.

“Our services haven’t changed,” Stevenson said.

She now has a full team to help provide them, and to help clients looks and feel their best.

Rendi’s Barber Beauty & Wellness Studio, located at 518 W. Ridgeway St., Warrenton, is open from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Mondays through Fridays. Herbalife teas are still available on a walk-in basis. Services are offered by appointment. To make an appointment, stop by Rendi’s or visit