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Turner Brothers, LLC

Participants in The Visionary Brunch include, from the left, Host Crystal Myrick of The Warrenist, Latonya Andrews Hunter, Kristen Baughman Taber and Erica Richardson.


After a quick pinch on the arm, I realized that I was not in New York City or Atlanta, but I was brunching downtown in Warrenton at Frontier Warren, 140 South Main Street!

Yes, the vibe, conversation, inspiration and tons of motivation were present and flowing at The Visionary Brunch on Sunday, Nov. 14, that was presented by Crystal Myrick of The Warrenist.

The Visionary Brunch was another event which was featured as a part of Global

Entrepreneurship Week, Nov. 8-14 to encourage citizens to start, grow and market their independent businesses.

The event allowed guests to network and market their businesses with one another and provided a panel of three dynamic women business owners, Kristen Baughman Taber of Tabletop Media Group/Cosmosis Yoga, Latonya Andrews-Hunter of

Soul City Farm and Event Center and Erica Richardson of Marathon Logistics, LLC.

The theme of the day was “Her Story, Her Path, Her Way.” Each panelist had the opportunity to share her story of creating and building her business while finding balance through joys, successes and challenges.

Alexis P. Henderson, founder of Parent Zone, Inc. stated, “I really enjoyed connecting with other like minded women who are striving to make a difference in the community. My favorite take away was a quote that was shared from panelist Latonya Andrews-Hunter: ‘Alone you can go fast, together we can go far.’ This was an amazing event!”

And since brunch usually means delicious food, an upscale atmosphere and menu were provided by Sweet Delights catering and were enjoyed by all.


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T. A. Jones is a freelance contributor to The Warren Record and the author of “The Parent Push, Helping Your Child Succeed Through High School and Beyond” and “A Summer With No Ice Cream.” To contact her, visit