This “Cherry Basket” quilt panel on the Ridgeway Cantaloupe Shed in Ridgeway is similar to other quilt blocks displayed throughout the county.

Local artists are partnering with the Heritage Quilters Giving Circle to create large quilt art panels featuring traditional quilt squares. The 4-foot-by-4-foot quilt art panels will be displayed at several sites around Warren County, adding to the number of quilt art panels already on display. They will be similar to the “Cherry Basket” quilt block on the Ridgeway Cantaloupe Shed in Ridgeway.

The project is supported with a matching grant from the Warren County Arts Council and the Heritage Quilters Giving Circle.

Artists Karen Lynch Harley, Heather Kenney and Corey Long are creating the panels. The purpose for displaying the quilt squares is to honor Warren County’s rich quilting traditions, draw attention to all of the quilts currently in the county, and promote Warren County as a destination for quilts and quilters as well as cultural and historic tours.

In addition to the quilt art panels, the Heritage Quilters will produce a Warren County quilt art panel viewer’s guide that offers background on the quilt patterns and how they connect to local quilters.

For more information on the Heritage Quilters Quilt Art Panels Project, email Jereann King Johnson at jereking@ncol.net, or call 252-257-1274.