Here is my opinion for how to solve the border problems of Mexico and the USA: I would suggest that we purchase the entire country. Why? Because if so many of them are coming to America because their country is so unsafe and poor, and they need serious help to the extent that they are evacuating, I feel it is worth taking the country as our territory and then being able to get in there and straighten it out like we have done before. Not that we are perfect, but they want to be here.

I feel that it would be a win-win situation for both sides of the aisle: we get more territory and more tax money, too, and more legal citizens to add to our population growth. We build a stronger and better America together with more on our side, and they get to be American, which is what they seek to be. America used to buy territory before, like the Louisiana Purchase, for example, and we also used to take over territory as well, which is brutal, but we did also gain territory in that manner as well. I recommend to purchase the country. Do you agree? What is your thought or view?