If preservation in Warren County and Warrenton were a story by itself, a handful of characters would stand the test of time.  Portia Hawes is one of those dedicated individuals whose service spans 20+ years as a loyal preservationist, not only for her family church of All Saints Episcopal and her quilting guild, but for many projects throughout the town and county.

It was a cold day in 2000 when Portia met with two others in the Parish House of the Episcopal Church and became directors of Preservation Warrenton. Her mission in the early days was to raise awareness of preservation and increase its prominence in the public consciousness.  

In the early years when Preservation Warrenton began to take shape as an organization, Tours of Homes were held every other year, signs were placed on the properties of important structures, and an annual Partners event held each fall.  The pioneer preservationists innovated their way into preservation efforts and expanded the scope of preservation to the point today where it goes beyond just buildings and into the preservation of art.

Portia is remembered by her fellow preservationists for carrying a wonderful sense of humor and sometimes a dry wit to each meeting, inserting fun into each Saturday morning meeting and making every one of them worthwhile.  As the self-appointed parliamentarian she kept the rest of the board on mission, often citing Robert’s Rules of Order.

We, the Board of Directors of Preservation Warrenton, are pleased to preserve the memory of Mrs. Portia Hawes, dedicated contributor to the preservation of our community.  It is our hope that you, also, will recall fondly and with untold satisfaction her legacy.


Preservation Warrenton