Several years ago my late husband, French W. Scott, and I chose to make Warren County our home. We were employed and active politically, spiritually as well as socially with strong and encouraging support from most of the citizens of Warren County, regardless of their backgrounds.

After so many years of enjoyable and quality living in this county, it unpleasantly surprised me to read and learn that there is a citizen striving to become a county leader who is "proud" to have a "history" with the Antebellum South.  (Note: The citizen of concern is a candidate for the Warrenton Town Board.)

Is that this candidate's platform? If so, how can this candidate serve all people fairly and equitably? How can this candidate keep bias and prejudices out of his service to the community? 

I would like to think that in 2021 we are forward thinking people who are seeking equity, innovation, cohesiveness, collaboration and, above all, transparency and fairness in all of our dealings.

As we move forward in our thinking for a progressive and positive town of Warrenton and the county as a whole, keep in mind the old adage, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree."