There is a small, I hope, part of our society that does not always live within the normal rules our society has. When this happens, a group formed for just the purpose of maintaining these rules steps in. They are called the police. We hope that they are folks who will not only maintain the law, but obey these rules as well. If we did not have folks who find it hard to live within the rules, we would not need the police.

Occasionally, we have police officers who are accused of breaking some of these rules. When they are accused of breaking those rules, they find themselves in big trouble whether they did or not. 

Now, just for a minute, imagine that the person they were called to apprehend had done something to violate the law. The police would be put in a position where their every move was watched by body cameras. It seems that only the police half is watched. The picture of the pistol in Wright’s hand was edited by the liberal TV.

Why is it that only the actions of the police get put under the spotlight? If the kid Wright had not had a warrant out for his arrest for attempted armed robbery, been driving an out of registration car, which led the police to pull him over, which led to his getting away from police, trying to get away in the car and crashing, which led to his running away on foot and being photographed with a pistol in his hand, throwing the pistol behind a fence prior to turning around like a choir boy and putting his hands up, all while being in company with a MS-13 recruiter. And all this was the fault of the police officer? 

And this is only one situation. And we have people like Maxine Waters calling for more confrontation! A member of Congress and the chairwoman of one of its most powerful committees. And Pelosi says Waters had nothing to apologize for? If certain people had done this, both of them would be calling for either impeachment or expulsion.

Until we get everyone understanding that we all have to live under the same laws, we will continue toward mob rule, and Maxine will have won.

We also need to find out who these people are who burn down the livelihoods of other innocent people, and who is funding them. Probably stimulus checks!  And George Soros.