I would like to know when the Warren County Board of Education will start to look out for the well-being of its students and staff. When will they stop being yes-men to the Central Office and start looking, really looking, at their students, staff and community? 

See what is needed for students and staff instead of photo opportunities, instead of having public meetings having parents send in complaints and concerns and then put them aside to address only the ones you feel like addressing and never address most of them. How about listening to our schools that are telling what the problems are and addressing them as well.

How is hiring a person with no educational background as a superintendent helping the school system when you have qualified staff right here? Why give out a four-year contract versus a two-year contract? What about his own consulting agency he has for public schools? Will Warren County be paying his consulting agency as well? Was there a conflict of interest when he was serving on the Wake County board and working as interim superintendent here?

So many questions that I’m sure the board nor the Central Office will address to the community. Lack of communication to the community is why our schools, students and system are failing. The school system needs the community’s help in order to strive.

If the board and Central office continue to be private and move secretly, and only give crumbs out to the community and their staff when they feel the need, our kids and system will continue to fail. Word of the day: accountability.