In September of this year, a seat on the Warrenton Town Board became available because Travis Packer was relocating to Durham. I immediately put in my letter of interest along with my resume, then hand delivered it to our mayor, Walter Gardner.

Around Nov. 1, I received a letter stating that the town board would be appointing a new member at its November meeting. 

During the meeting, the public comments were mostly speeches from the candidates applying. Carolyn Spain, John Mooring, Nat White and I presented our speeches to the board. Later, out of the blue, Commissioner Kimberly Harding, who was participating virtually, asked if there was not another candidate. She said she wanted to hear him speak. With that, the candidate, Mark Wethington, said a few words. 

Soon after Mark Wethington finished speaking, the board appointed him to the vacant seat. It seemed to be pre-decided. Was he promised the appointment? Did this have to be done so blatantly?  Not one other vote; no one else was even considered during the meeting.

So why, I ask, why did we even bother? These candidates took the time and energy to offer to serve on the Town of Warrenton’s Board of Commissioners. A little respect and courtesy to the candidates would have gone a long way in keeping the interest of town residents who may wish to serve in the future.