The Talley and Moss family would like to extend a heartfelt and sincere thank you to the Station 8 Hawtree Volunteer Fire Department, first responders and Warren County Emergency Medical Services for a job well done.

On Tuesday, April 6, they responded to a call at 1127 Cole Farm Rd. where Carl Moss, Sr. had a heart attack and fell unresponsive. The team came in and went to work right away, from providing medical support to Carl Sr. to being a big support to his spouse. The team worked nonstop for about 45 minutes to restore life back into Carl Sr. Yes! A miracle was performed!

Not only did they do that, Chief Steve Barney went the extra mile and rode alongside Carl in the EMS ambulance to assist with any other complications that may arise. Later it was found that the team had to administer another 20 minutes of chest compressions en route to the hospital.

Carl Moss, Sr. is now home and recovering well. Of course, without God, this wouldn’t be possible, but Chief Barney and Station 8 Hawtree VFD were heaven-sent angels. Thank you again, and keep up the good work.