Now that we have a vaccine available for the coronavirus, I believe we are overlooking a group of important workers: our U.S. postal workers.

These brave men and women are on the frontlines as they sort and deliver our mail. You can have all the email and devices you can imagine, but we still need our United States Postal Service employees. Books, clothing, magazines and medication will never pop out of a computer. They still must be delivered through the mail, and this requires human beings. These brave, loyal, dependable people are risking their health to make sure you get your mail. Monday through Friday, and sometimes even on Sundays, they make sure you get your favorite magazines as well as your medication.

Right now, in Warren County, you must be an essential worker or at least 65 years old in order to get the vaccination for COVID-19. Not all postal workers are 65 years old, and none of them are considered “essential workers.” How about it, Gov. Cooper, when are these men and women going to be called what they are — essential workers — so that they can be protected and in turn protect their customers (you and me), and their families and friends from this deadly virus that has taken the lives of almost 500,000 Americans?