Tar Heels will meet Clemson in ACC title game

The schedule has been soft, but it doesn’t matter. The North Carolina Tar Heels will be going to the ACC championship game next month.  The opponent will be Clemson, returning to the tilt after a one-year absence.

North Carolina has managed to scrape by Virginia and Wake Forest the last two weeks.  Nothing impressive about the wins, but the Heels’ name is the one on the left side of the won-loss column.

As for the Tigers, nothing to write home about either.  Same as the Tar Heels, close wins—but still wins. The ACC won’t have a team in the College Football Playoff.  It hasn’t been that good a year.

The teams currently ahead for those four coveted slots are:  1. Georgia, 2. Ohio State, 3. Michigan and 4.  TCU.  On the edge hoping to slide into the top four are Tennessee, LSU and Southern Cal, all hoping for a minor miracle to make the final four.  If the loser of the upcoming Ohio State-Michigan game is out, then Tennessee may be back in.

And now it’s time to mount the mystical magic dart board on the tailgate of Percy’s pickup. Let’s toss ‘em and tell ya’ whozza gonna win this weekend’s big games.  Just two weekends left, and some of the rivalry games are already here.

DUKE AT PITTSBURGH:  Just think, the Devils are a play away from being in the championship game.  But Duke does have the ACC coach of the year and a bowl bid in hand.  Not as satisfying a season for the Panthers, but nevertheless, a good team.  Could go either way.  Pitt 31, Duke 27.

VIRGINIA TECH AT LIBERTY:  A few days ago, Fearless would have strongly picked the Flames to win their biggest home game ever.  But that was before their bad loss last weekend.  Now it’s even.  Oh yeah, why did Tech play at ODU and now at Liberty this year?  Liberty 26, Virginia Tech 24.

N.C. STATE AT LOUISVILLE:  After sprinting to a 14-0 lead over visiting Boston College, the Wolfpack just quit playing.  No offense, terrible play in the secondary, and the poor play calling that has been a problem all year.  This time, those three malaises jumped up and bit the Pack, 21-20.  Suddenly a 7-2 team is now the underdog in their last two regular season games.  Louisville 23, N.C. State 17.

BOSTON COLLEGE AT NOTRE DAME:  The Irish barely escaped an average Navy team by a mere two points. Notre Dame’s “Just not that good, never was,” said your prognosticator.  As for the Eagles, they tried to give the game with State away, but couldn’t, and settled for the win.  Notre Dame 34, Boston College 13.

GEORGIA TECH AT NORTH CAROLINA:  The Heels have been close (to losing) in nearly every game—until this one.  The Ramblin’ Wreck has improved this season, but not enough.  North Carolina 45, Georgia Tech 23.

SYRACUSE AT WAKE FOREST:  Speaking of close games, or in Wake’s case, two close losses to their two biggest rivals.  Not a lot to play for other than an itty-bitty bowl game.  Wake Forest 34, Syracuse 31.

MIAMI AT CLEMSON:  The ACC’s biggest disappointment playing the ACC’s second-biggest disappointment.  Yes, Miami is the former.  Clemson will still get a big bowl game.  Of course, nobody pays any attention to the regular bowls anymore.  Clemson 42, Miami 17.

HOUSTON AT EAST CAROLINA:  Houston has turned into a big offensive juggernaut. ECU had a gut-slugger with Cincinnati, but the Pirates are still a good team.  ECU has turned the corner this season, but this would be a signature win. Can Purple rule?  Down East they can.  ECU 45, Houston 42.

OTHER BIG GAMES THIS WEEKEND:  Appalachian over ODU, Florida State over Louisiana, Georgia over Kentucky, Florida over Vanderbilt, Auburn over Western Kentucky, LSU over UAB, USC over UCLA, Oregon over Utah, Tennessee over South Carolina, Ohio State over Maryland, TCU over Baylor, Texas over Kansas,  Ole Miss over Arkansas, and Michigan over Illinois.

Southeast Sports Syndicate, 2022.